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How to Use SketchUp and

TreblD with Solid Tools


This video is for people who use SketchUp Make or SketchUp pro


We have moved to a “solid group” system.  Solid groups are an integral part of sketchup and they are very powerful tools for 3D modelling.


Solid groups is a much cleaner way to work with Sketchup.  Much quicker, no clean-up, no reversed faces and you end up with a perfect model that is good to go for Layout and 3D printing.




SketchUp FREE and TreblD tutorial

This video shows you how to import TreblD into SketchUp FREE


How to Use SketchUp FREE

to design a house

This video series ishows you how to design a cute and compact attic home with SketchUp FREE


How to Design an Apartment with TreblD

This video series shows how to design a modern house apartment building with SketchUp and TreblD.



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