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TreblD Tutorials

If the video is looking a bit fuzzy, go to the bottom right corner of the video player screen, and click on the “cog” symbol (settings), and in “Quality” choose 720pHD.

TreblD Dormer House Series



This 5 part video series shows how to create an attic roof with dormer windows using SketchUp and TreblD.


Dormer windows and attics involve complex geometry and can lead to frequent head scratching by architects builders.


The TreblD dormer takes the calculations out of the process. You just drag and drop, explode and push pull, and all the complex cutting is done in an instant.


TreblD Apartment Series

This 2 part video series gives a quick overview of how to design an apartment series using TreblD and SketchUp.



TreblD Beach House Series

This video series is a beginners guide that goes through the Trebld process step by step.  Its suitable for people who have little or no experience with SketchUp.  It starts at a slow friendly pace, then builds up the speed with each successive video.


It not only provides tips for working with TreblD, but also gives valuable on-the-job training for using SketchUp in Architecture.


Please feel free to follow along with the tutorial, building the model as you go. You can build the entire model in a couple of hours.



TreblD Studio House Series

This video series shows how to design a modern house using SketchUp and TreblD.


Its intended for SketchUp users who have an understanding of the basic operations of SketchUp and TreblD.


The videos provide a quick and easy guide on how to create a professional standard 3D Architectural SketchUp Model, and complete it one afternoon.

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