Design your own home for free using SketchUp and TreblD

Welcome to TreblD


TreblD is a unique 3D Home Design system that works entirely within Sketchup.  If you can use Sketchup, even just the basics, you can design your own home with TreblD. Its quick and easy to use, and like SketchUp, its fun and FREE* (*conditions apply see our DOWNLOADS page).  You can create spectacular, professional style presentations in one afternoon.


The Trebl D system is quite simple.  You have a range of modules to choose from, you select the ones you like, arrange them however you want, and knock them into shape, any way you wish.


You can take your model to your own Architect or Drafting Service to have your construction drawings prepared or, better still, you can get us to do it!  See our SERVICES page for a range of professional services that the TreblD Architectural Studio can help you with.


Please note:  TreblD isnt a plug-in or a program.  It is in fact a .skp file. So any technology that works with SketchUp will work with TreblD.  There's no extra skills to learn. No add-ons required. You just download it,  open it, SketchUp will  automatically launch, and thats it!  Blast Off!

TreblD automatically creates its own floor plans from a 3D model that YOU create.

Need SketchUp?


Sketchup is an amazing 3D modeling program developed by Google.  It's powerful features and spectacular graphics have set new standards for the Architectural industry.


SketchUp have a Pro version for sale but you only need the free version to use TreblD.


SketchUp is easy to use, its a lot fun, and best of all, its FREE!


If you need to download SketchUp you can find it at:

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